Thursday, 12 February 2009

Random Question Generator.

Have you ever longed for an unnecessarily complex solution to a seemingly simple problem? No, neither had the hapless victims trapped within the events portrayed in the book entitled 'The Master of Complications'. These innocents entered the premises of Herr Franck Muller with apparently straightforward requests, only to be dragged into a terrifying world of violent hallucinations, rat infested tunnels, psychotic Siamese twins and evil dwarves.

Indeed, it seems the authors are also victims of this curse, as they have not chosen to write or illustrate these pages. It seems possible that Franck Muller is himself the twisted puppeteer behind the words, illustrations and photographs before you. Is it Muller’s intention that this publication serves as a warning of his impenetrable control over humanity?

Quite possibly. He is, after all, The Master of Complications. Above you will see an essential element of Herr Muller's convoluted apparatus. Used routinely as part of Hans Fritzl's violent interrogations, the random question generator has posed queries so complex they have confounded the sharpest of minds.

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